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Rich Application Development

We’ll be able to lend you some much needed app development acumen and run the required functionality and operational tests that are required to ensure that the app stays functional for as long as you want. With experience in app design spanning for years.Our engineers will be able to work around any specification and requirements that your app might come with.

Rapid prototyping

With Mavencube, you’ll have access to the very best I state of the art technology equipment. We’ll also provide you with the necessary expertise and labor that you’ll require. With our crop of engineers, you’ll have the very best hands in the business at your disposal and we can guarantee that you’ll have no issues whatsoever with designing and having a working prototype in little to no time.

3d designing and printing

If you’ve got a product in mind, we can help you with a reliable and highly accurate 3D presentation of your product. Our engineers will work closely with you so as to be able to understand the project you’ve got in mind and based n that understanding, we’ll make use of our top of the line 3D printing and designing technology to bring a layer of life to your concept.

Electronics PCB design

We have a crop of highly skilled and trained engineers who will be able t understand the requirements of your electronic circuit and with that understanding, they’ll be able to design highly efficient circuit boards that will greatly improve the functionality and operating power of your products. For quality and highly affordable PCB design services, contact Mavencube and let’s get started.

Embedded /IOT system development

At Mavencube, we offer embedded IoT services and system development solutions that will help you in bringing your project to life. Whether you’ve actually got a design prototype or you’re just playing with a concept, we’ll be able to effectively view it in terms of feasibility and partner with you in the development of your product. We will very much like to help in your project development journey and with our advanced experience and expertise in virtually all fields in engineering.

Metal work prototyping

Our metalwork prototypes have been instrumental to individuals and firms across a wide array of industries. Our work scope varies from industry t industry and depending on the project involved. However, regardless of the product we’re trying to implement, we put an unrivalled focus on providing quality metalwork prototypes that will be easily worked on and developed further by our clients.




Virtual Makeover

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Thermoelectrics product

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Smart Kitchen App

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Restaurant robotic food serve system

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Virtual Makeup

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Smart Bluetooth wireless Speaker

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Touchscreen Presentation Kiosk

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Virtual Jewelry Touchscreen

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Digital Signage Application

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About Us

At Mavencube, we are dedicated to helping our clients with every aspect of technical and technological assistance that they night need whenever developing their products and machinery. Since inception, we have committed ourselves to the development of technological innovations and through the provision of specialized services, we are making that commitment a present reality. Our services are of the best quality and are perfectly tailored to seamlessly fit into your specific requirements and those of your prospective product. We’ll partner with you to develop your product and help you with any technological assistance. We have a crop of engineers who are highly skilled, thoroughly trained and who are equipped with a wealth of experience. Their skills, combined with their access to the very best in state of the art technology, means that there is no technological issue they are not able to face.

Have your product development process marked with the quality service it deserves. Contact MavenCube and let’s see how we can help your project.

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